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PHP Study Guide


Originally PHP Study Guide was a small project that provides step by step guide on information needed to pass PHP5.3 ZCE certification.

For now it aims to go little bit beyond the Zend Certification and is a good place to start your experience with PHP5.3 or, if you are already an experienced web developer, to return to the basics and remember some details.

For advanced topics and best practicies, please, also consider to take a look at new, awesome and promissing project PHP The Right Way by Josh Lockhart with some support of PHP community.


At the moment project is placed at and hosted on GitHub.Pages.


All content is assembled from different sources and tutorials.

Original guide was structured in Google Docs and then published as pdf.


Mainly project is done by me, Roma Lapin and supported by Evercode Lab.


PHP Study Guide is being translated to the following languages:

Brazilian Portuguese

How to contribute

At first all content was assembled to be used for PHP5.3 ZCE certification. So it aimed to be short and kind of limited. For now feel free to contribute to it. All suggestions to content and design is appreciated.

In order to contribute, please, do the following.

Project layout and details

On the whole project follows standart jekyll project layout.

Each certification section is presented as page in pages directory. Each subsection is a part of a page.

Pygments is used for code highlighting.

Each page should have following variables in YAML Front Matter:

Menus is stored in _includes/menu.

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