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We build custom software solutions starting from project discovery, then through management, development till launch and maintenance.
Atomic Wallet
(now Yandex.Eats)
Guarda Wallet
Ink Wallet
Our Experience
food fox
Food delivery service (marketplace)
6 weeks
Web, Mobile

We called to Roman and Evercode Lab at the earliest stage of Foodfox development. The Evercode Lab team helped us with the development of the first version of the API for mobile applications, the administrator interface and part of the frontend. The whole team and Roman including always shared their experience and vision, gave feedback, tried to add additional value to the product.
All organization issues were solved easily. If there were any problems, Evercode Lab did everything possible to resolve them quickly and painlessly.

Maxim Firsov
CEO at Foodfox (now Yandex.Eats).
Guarda wallet
Mobile cryptocurrency wallet
4 months

We would like to express our sincere appreciation for Everchain service to us as one of our most reliable regular suppliers. Ever since we signed our contract, you have provided the products of highest quality with even better customer service. Deliveries are often received earlier than expected, and you are quick to resolve any issues that arise.

We look forward to extending our contract with you for years to come, and hope you will continue to provide such excellent service to us. We could not conduct our business without you! Thank you for a favorable first year with a couple of months together, and we look forward to many more.

Board member at Guarda.
Custom CRM Solution
7 months

The main goal of the project was full integration of CRM into the sales management process in all branches, which would allow structuring commercial information and improving sales predictions. It was done by the schedule and really increased the effectiveness of managers teamwork. That is, my expectations were met in full.The most effective was the Agile-approach. Regular feedback, the possibility of adjusting the technical specifications, weekly delivery of new features - all this made the development process more flexible. I would like to note the work of the project manager Julia Komoza - her strict control of planning and development on her side also had a positive impact on our joint work.

Commercial Director at Cadfem CIS.
Personal health care system
1.5 years

It is unlikely that you will find a team of programmers who will do everything so that you avoid mistakes and will think about your project as a business product. But I was lucky to meet these - this is Roma and his team Evercode Lab.
From the beginning of the collaborate work, Roma actually became a mentor for me and encouraged me to think about things that I did not know due to my lack of experience, helped me choose the optimal product development strategy. And it was an incredible bonus that I could not expect from an external team.
The right questions also helped to define the phases, and this greatly simplified the development process, making it transparent and understandable.

CEO at Ondoc.me
School assessment system
2 years

Sincerity in the dialogue with the client (that is, with me) is evident when they really want to help me. When people live their work, they know it and know how to do it well and organize it. And the rest is marketing, which for us (customers) does not affect the value added of the software product. Therefore, first of all, I am grateful to the guys from Evercode Lab for sincerity in work by 95%, and for marketing by 5%, and not vice versa, like many others.
Based on the fact that Everсode Lab created for me a very complicated testing system, as part of an independent quality assessment system for general education, which is currently used by about 4,000 schoolchildren on an ongoing basis, the employees of this company can definitely be entrusted with a complex and responsible task.
Believe me, what the guys did for me is much more difficult than you might think at first glance. Thank them for that.

Owner at Educational Center ARNA.
Improved the core-side of marketing-messenger platform for our customer.
Integrated Binance Chain Tokens and Ledger to Web Wallet with Guarda team.
Improved UX the administrator interface of car parts online store for our client.
Developed an integration between Chrome Extension wallet and ETH DApps in collaboration with Guarda team.
Refactored the core-side of car parts online store for our client.