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Integration of Binance Chain and Ledger tokens into Guarda Wallet

This project is a tool inside the Guarda Wallet cryptocurrency wallet, which allows you to manage coins and Binance Chain tokens from a cold Ledger wallet.
Integration launch
1 months
React.js, Node.js
3 months

About project

This project is a tool inside the Guarda Wallet cryptocurrency wallet, which allows you to manage coins and Binance Chain tokens from a cold Ledger wallet.


The main task is to give users the ability to manage BNB cryptocurrency and bip-2 standard tokens from a cold Ledger wallet through the Web Guarda Wallet interface. A related task is to solve the problem with a limited number of requests to the block explorer.


First of all, I would like to note that we were pioneers. It’s not about the managing possibility of the Binance currency itself with Ledger, since the manufacturer’s company has its coin management application, and connecting Ledger through a third-party wallet is a thing already implemented. However, we were able to get the opportunity to manage Binance tokens, almost simultaneously with the launch of the network.

At the initial stage of the project, we were faced with the features of the Binance Chain block explorer. With several simultaneous requests to the Binance Chain block explorer, temporary blocking occurs, this is the protection of the explorer to avoid DDoS attacks and reduce load.We improved the architecture of the Guarda Wallet web wallet. This happened due to the optimization of the query system - we increased the amount of information in one query. This accelerated the addition of tokens on other blockchains and improved the wallet work speed as a whole.

In this way, Guarda and Ledger can provide full support for the Binance Chain mainnet (including Binance Chain tokens), as well as security and functionality.

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