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case 2

Integration Guarda Chrome extension and Ethereum dApps

It was necessary to create integration with dapps for the cryptocurrency wallet Guarda Wallet.
1 months
React.js, Redux.js, Node.js, Web3.js

About project

Guarda is a chrome browser extension that allows you to access Ethereum-based daps in the browser itself. At the same time, it can be safely used as a full-fledged cryptocurrency wallet in the form of a browser extension.


It was necessary to create integration with dApps for the cryptocurrency wallet Guarda Wallet. This integration should have made it easier for the user to interact with Ethereum blockchain in App services.

First of all, I want to note that this extension is not tied to work only with Ethereum, and can serve as a full-fledged cryptocurrency wallet. The user can exchange the crypt for the crypt and send the script to the specified address. In the settings section, the user has the ability to send the address to Dpp and independently choose Ethereum addresses to connect to Dapps.

The main solution was to achieve a user-friendly and fast interaction with Ethereum blockchain during the use of Dapp-applications. This extension has become a "bridge" that allows you to run Dos without running the Ethereum node on your device. This allows you to simplify the payment process or purchase over-the-air through the use of Guarda in the Chrome app.

For clarity, we can consider the process of interaction of this extension with Dapp service CryptoKitties.

After registering on the site and connecting the extension, during which the user's address will be transferred, the user will be able to perform operations on this service fully. When making a purchase, the user will be sent an invoice in the extension to confirm the operation.

Guarda Chrome app will work with other Daps exactly on the same principle as with CryptoKitties, which makes this extension an effective tool for working with decentralized applications, for example: Ethermon, OxGAMES, IDEX.

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