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We develop and program systems for the educational sphere in order to improve the quality of the educational process through modern technologies and solutions, creating unique tests.

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case 15

Development of assessment of knowledge system Ball — Evercode Lab

Designed and programmed a system of independent assessment of the quality of general education. Allows to do tests and gives detailed statistics based on them.
2 months
2 years
Symfony, Doctrine (MySQL), Twig, Bootstrap

About project

The mission of the project is independent monitoring of the quality of work of educational institutions.


The system should provide the following features:

  • tests management
  • schoolchild list management for testing sessions
  • testing process
  • answers checking: one part automatically, the other - by special people.


Teacher abilities

Five sections available to a teacher:

  • available test sessions
  • active tests
  • completed test sessions
  • statistic
  • feedback

The script of the teacher to run the test

To start the test session, the teacher enters the list of available tests, selects one from them and goes to the internal page.

This page shows a list of his students who have not passed the test yet. It is possible to select some students from the list because the number of places in a computer classroom can be limited. When the list was created, the test becomes available to a selected schoolchild in their personal accounts and they can start working with it.

Student script

Each schoolchild has his own account in the system, which he can login at any time.

He sees his active tests (which are going right now), passed and upcoming. For future tests only the date is shown, they cannot be opened.

By clicking on “Start testing” the student goes to the test page, where he immediately sees the first question.

A schoolchild can freely move between questions, including and already passed to change the answer. The state of the issue is characterized by color:

  • green (the answer is given)
  • red (viewed but no answer given)
  • blue (not viewed)

There are questions with the choice of one or several answers, with the entry of value and with the attachment of a file.

After completion of testing, the student goes to the page with a list of questions of the passed test and his answers, but can no longer change them.

And when the testing session is completed, on the same page, the status of each schoolchild answer is shown (true or not), the correct answers and comments of the reviewer are displayed.

The accounts are completely anonymized and the system does not store personal information and personal data.

Scenario teacher for the completed test

The teacher can perform the following actions with completed tests:

  • view or print completed test questions
  • download scans or photos of all written answers from students at once (but usually the students themselves must do this)
  • view the results of any schoolchild - there are shows the questions and answers of the student and the correct answers of the system.

The script of a reviewer

The reviewer is to assess those issues that cannot be analyzed by the system. For him, the interface has two lists of tests: tested and untested. All tests can be filtered by testing, school or schoolchild.

On a special page, the reviewer sees the text of the task and the attached file with the schoolchild's answer. Also, he can see the results of the schoolchild's test part, which was verified automatically.

He checks the task, leaves a comment, assesses and, if necessary, attaches a scan of a sheet of paper that he manually corrected, which was sent by the student (by analogy with regular teacher comments in a notebook)

Also, possible to upload all the answers as a table file filled in a certain way.

Admin Features

Administrative functions are needed to fill the main data and add all users into a single process.

Tests and questions

The test list page allows you to create new tests and edit existing ones. Working with the test is to create questions for him.


Each test on a test list screen has the number of session, class, test, start and end date and the list of schoolchildren participating in it are indicated.

The administrator has the option of batch adding schoolchild assignments for testing since several thousand students can be participants in a single testing session.

Also, the administrator can manage users and catalogs (cities, districts, schools, items, etc.), see the review log, system status and statistics.


Statistics can be viewed by a teacher and system administrator, however, they have different access rights. Charts are available:

  • level of achievements in subjects
  • school rating
  • schoolchild performance
  • analytics for the choice a subject
  • attendance statistics
  • time of pass test sessions
  • the results of the tests
  • statistics by teachers
  • median
  • dynamics of the average score
  • schoolchildren dynamics (with teachers)
  • the dynamics of the results in the tables

Sincerity in the dialogue with the client (that is, with me) is evident when they really want to help me. When people live their work, they know it and know how to do it well and organize it. And the rest is marketing, which for us (customers) does not affect the value added of the software product. Therefore, first of all, I am grateful to the guys from Evercode Lab for sincerity in work by 95%, and for marketing by 5%, and not vice versa, like many others.

Based on the fact that Everсode Lab created for me a very complicated testing system, as part of an independent quality assessment system for general education, which is currently used by about 4,000 schoolchildren on an ongoing basis, the employees of this company can definitely be entrusted with a complex and responsible task. Believe me, what the guys did for me is much more difficult than you might think at first glance. Thank them for that.

Arvydas Zilinskas, Owner at Educational Center ARNA.

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